by Mark E. Deutsch

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"Thingy" aka D'var
performed by MOOT TRIO
Chris Stevens - Bass
Elias Reitz - Percussion & Vocals
Mark E. Deutsch - Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Piano, Percussion, Trombone

* Davey Jaberi plays additional percussion on Lallibye


released December 2, 2016

Songs by Mark E. Deutsch except "Fantastic Voyage" by D. Bowie
Recorded by Davyd Nereo at Santo
except for "Ojo Sarco" & "Song for Mom" & various overdubs recorded by MD
Mixed by Davyd Nereo and MD
Mastering by Graham LeBron
Artwork by Romus Gobson




Mark E. Deutsch Oakland, California

He is Moot. Mercury in cotton. Many tries, many echoes.

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Track Name: In the Desert
I went out camping on the side of the mountain for to see if I could find out why I went out camping / plenty of words strewn around me in the desert / like piles of dry wood waiting for the lightning storm in the desert / waiting for fire or rain to transform

music is dancing inside of the passage and the sparks that fly outwards from words that are hammers / everyone quivering hardly they notice /like trees in the drought year waiting for the lightning storm in the high desert / waiting for something to break like a storm
Track Name: You Are a Rock, pt. 7
just be cool / fill up time / like a trembling saw wave on an ocean of mind
let the fire / burn a song / rock and roll goes on and on
you are a rock

take my time / take my life / I'm just like that bird but lesser in height
sit down good / feel alright / the pain is a pasture sleep there inside
you are a rock

earth is shaking / I like the way you bounce / strong on the outside you're like a haunted house
you are a rock

wake up quick / move your bone / you're making me yawn here when I'm in the zone
you are a rock
Track Name: (You Are) Not My Thing
don't know what I did today
you are falling away from me
don't know what to do or say
I know you are not my thing
you're not my thing

for weeks and months and months we talked
there's always something more to say
if you did what I want you to do
would that be a better thing
a better thing

I am calling out your name
a mango
falling down far away

you still love an awful boy
while I impersonate a man
stupid truths will set you free
and therefore I am not your thing
I'm not your thing
Track Name: Romance
remember cars
ah those were the days
pressing pedals like there's no tomorrow
lending my fleshy self to you
and trusting one more time
can you put your biggest finger on it
in your prime

and it's better than nothing
inherit forever
and live right now
lost it again


we're all eating movies
our days spent tripping
when our imaginations coincide
real things collide
and they divide

Track Name: By the Time
I'm held captive by the time
thank God for the pretty view
I love circumstance and you
I'm held captive by the time

I'm transitioning for good
slowly leave this world behind
pattern'd curtains 'fore my mind
on an island in the woods

laws that govern what is True are shifty whispers from on high
every liars' sure to die
and he will eat delicious food
pleasure is a partial truth
trials of our captor's mind

pick up what you can you got eyes you can feel a thing you can pick a ring you think you see me you'll be blinking again
when you drop in the tub
the moment will die I don't try I'm just in time

I'm held captive by the time
you walk roughly round the room
I grab fistfuls of the moon
we're held captive by the time
Track Name: Lallibyes
Eli put your head down hear again
reach down to face touch my ears and head
sing me lallibyes

please don't go to work take me to the beach
I don't be you you don't wanna be me
sing me lallibyes
play me lallibyes

I'm here now
I'm here now
all my life
I forget
I forget
all my life
Track Name: Song for Mom
your vacation womb's 'bout to pass you with grace / onto more lifetimes / like gulls on waves / first left onto Shorebird / as in bird of the shore / these are the places that housed our home

you are my person and you are my home / in more ways than even you or I can unfold / when I think about you I swell and I smile / Mother my mother / comin' home in awhile

I wanna see you and Mart eat the fruits / to suck up the juice from your roots

the longer we stay here / the farther we live / with these perfect bodies / that pull and they give / we are two children / though one of us more / I want to be with you and sojourn some more