Moot Rock

by Mark E. Deutsch

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released August 28, 2014

recorded in winter-spring 2008-2009
songs written by Mark E. Deutsch except "Major Keys" by Graham Brice

performed by MD except Ryan the Truck plays bass and back-up vox on Major Keys and bass on Roll Tootsie; David Bartels plays drums on Roll Tootsie

artwork by Mark Inglis Taylor




Mark E. Deutsch Oakland, California

He is Moot. Mercury in cotton. Many tries, many echoes.

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Track Name: Outerspace Will Be Peaceful
there are times
when I want to be alone
but right now
is not one of those times
do not listen to my songs
very closely
you won't find answers here
songs have to rhyme
there's not a thing in love
you'll find that isn't lonely
after closer inspection
see we're all made of sighs

there's a town
that I'm from
and I live there
all of the people
I once knew here are gone
but there are friends
and there are family
and neighbors
on my block even
but they're not my own
I want to shout out in favor
in favor of something
but my yes engine's blown

this whole world
is made of shifting volcanoes
one moment you're a boxer
and the next one a yawn
my experience
has taught me
and I'll tell you now
in the play you're an actor
in the boardgames a pawn
still sometimes
I stay laughing for hours
feeling just right where I belong
in the future outerspace will be peaceful I'm sure
the sun may be dying but the earth's dead and gone
Track Name: Queen of Stud, pts. 1, 2, & 3
the priest dons the prayer shawl
what can a flower boy bear?
the little girl standing up by the groom
has she something to share?
I'm going away now
I'm running off to cry in my comb
the Queen of Stud bellows in the chamber
she has an elephant moan

yonder yet
(yon yon yon)
look some more
(yon yon yon)
deep into your hole you'll find it
(yon yon yon)
everywhere you go
(yawn yawn yawn)

did the prince of peace find peace at all
in the palms of his hands?
christians lick his wounds while I clip my nails
they just don't understand
magic colored shells or invisible things past the air
the Queen of Stud laughs but she's serious
I wonder if she's really there

yonder yet
(yon yon yon)
look some more
(yon yon yon)
deep into your hole you'll find it
(yon yon yon)
everywhere you go
(yawn yawn yawn)

her large body's my comfy home
I'll enter with my last breath
with painted eyes like the pharaohs of yore
I wanna hear what she says

come climb my hair and blow the bellows on my hearth
because I do feel as I do; aren't feelings felt too far apart?

yonder yet
look some more
deep into your hole you'll find it
everywhere you go
Track Name: La La Oh (glory crews)
my bicycle seat is also yours
free to sit upon my sterling horse
face of wind
some kid with a bicycle stand
buns a'rock
he just joined a band

singing lala lala la la oh

lots of cheap things
a boombox that sings
on a saturday night
every friday's the spring
I know that TV is bad
and junk food is bad
are the old people dumb?
I barely know my dad

singing lala lala la la oh

when you graduate
think of it this way
summer vacation
summer vacation

lala lala la la oh