by Mark E. Deutsch

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    I made this song from a Casiotone jam using my now-familiar Soft Outfit tiny-gear.



I'm held captive by the time
thank God for the pretty view
I love circumstance and you
I'm held captive by the time
I'm transitioning for good
slowly leave this world behind
pattern'd curtains 'fore my mind
on an island in the woods

laws that govern what is True
are shifty whispers from on High
every liar's sure to die
and he will eat delicious food
pleasure is a partial truth
trials of our Captor's mind

I'm held captive by the time
you walk roughly round the room
I grab fistfuls of the moon
we're held captive by the time

pick up what you can you got eyes you can feel a thing you can pick a ring you think you see me you'll be blinking again when i drop in the tub the moment will die i don't try i'm justintime


released March 11, 2010
art by Mark Inglis Taylor




Mark E. Deutsch Oakland, California

He is Moot. Mercury in cotton. Many tries, many echoes.

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